93 Warner Norcross Attorneys Rated Best Lawyers in America

93 Warner Norcross Attorneys Rated Best Lawyers in America

93 Warner Norcross Attorneys Rated Best Lawyers in America 150 150 southfieldcc_3ik8d2

Ninety-three Warner Norcross & Judd LLP attorneys have been rated as The Best Lawyers in America® 2013 – a 35 percent increase over 2012.

Attorneys representing more than 40 different practice areas were selected for the peer-review award, which denotes legal excellence in specific practice areas. Additionally:

Warner Norcross has more partners included in Best Lawyers than any law firm in Grand Rapids, Holland or Muskegon.
Attorneys in each of the six Warner Norcross offices in Michigan were included in the list.
Warner Norcross has more attorneys listed in Best Lawyers in the areas of commercial transactions/UCC law, employee benefits, energy regulatory law, environmental law, financial services regulation, information technology, international trade and finance, mining, trusts and estates, securities regulations and water law than any other firm in Michigan.
Thirty-nine attorneys were listed in more than one practice area.
In Grand Rapids, Warner Norcross is the top firm in 30 practice areas, including banking, bankruptcy, eight areas of specialized litigation, corporate governance, corporate law, employee benefits, environmental and mining, family law, immigration, international trade, real estate, trusts and estates, and securities and securities regulation.
Twenty-five attorneys are new to the Warner Norcross list this year: Edward J. Bardelli, Andrea J. Bernard, Jeffrey O Birkhold, Troy M. Cumings, Daniel K. DeWitt, Kevin Dougherty, Daniel P. Ettinger, Matthew L. Goska, Andrew W. Hakken, Sarah Riley Howard, Jay A. Kennedy, Norbert F. Kugele, Heidi A. Lyon, Thomas J. Manganello, James E. Moskal, Mark B. Periard, Janet L. Ramsey, Jennifer L. Remondino, Todd W. Simpson, James J. Steffel, Justin W. Stemple, Mark J. Wassink, Deborah J. Williamson and Bruce C. Young. Steven D. Weyhing is also new to the Warner Norcross list, but has been selected since 2009 at his previous firm.
Two attorneys have been included as Best Lawyers in every edition since the publication began. Ten attorneys have been included for 20 years or more and 19 have been included for 10 years or more.

Warner Norcross attorneys featured on the Best Lawyers list are:

• Richard J. Aaron
• Loren M. Andrulis
• Edward J. Bardelli
• Jeffrey S. Battershall
• Andrea J. Bernard
• Jeffrey O. Birkhold
• Richard L. Bouma
• Jeffrey W. Bracken
• Kurt M. Brauer
• James H. Breay
• Charles E. Burpee
• John V. Byl
• Richard E. Cassard
• Robert J. Chovanec
• Melissa N. Collar
• Catherine S. Collins
• Sue O. Conway
• J. A. Cragwall, Jr.
• Michael G. Cruse
• Troy M. Cumings
• Cameron S. DeLong
• Daniel K. DeWitt
• Dennis J. Donohue
• Kevin G. Dougherty
• Douglas A. Dozeman
• Robert A. Dubault
• Carl W. Dufendach
• Candace C. Dugan
• John D. Dunn
• Daniel P. Ettinger
• Matthew L. Goska • Stephen B. Grow
• Andrew W. Hakken
• William W. Hall
• Kathleen M. Hanenburg
• Shane B. Hansen
• Mark K. Harder
• Timothy Hillegonds
• William K. Holmes
• Timothy L. Horner
• Sarah Riley Howard
• Scott D. Hubbard
• William R. Jansen
• Richard A. Kay
• Jay A. Kennedy
• Steven C. Kohl
• Anthony J. Kolenic, Jr.
• Stephen R. Kretschman
• Janet P. Knaus
• Norbert F. Kugele
• Mary Jo Larson
• Gordon R. Lewis
• Heidi A. Lyon
• Hugh H. Makens
• Thomas J. Manganello
• John R. Marquis
• Rodney D. Martin
• Charles E. McCallum
• F. William McKee
• John H. McKendry, Jr.
• Molly E. McManus
• Craig N. Meurlin • Christian E. Meyer
• Susan G. Meyers
• James E. Moskal
• Jeffrey A. Ott
• Mark B. Periard
• Jeffrey B. Power
• James J. Rabaut
• Louis C. Rabaut
• Janet L. Ramsey
• Jennifer L. Remondino
• Richard A. Roane
• Michael L. Robinson
• Alan T. Rogalski
• Vernon P. Saper
• Ernest M. Sharpe
• Todd W. Simpson
• Robert H. Skilton III
• Eugene E. Smary
• Jerome M. Smith
• James J. Steffel
• Justin W. Stemple
• Gordon J. Toering
• W. Michael Van Haren
• Douglas E. Wagner
• Mark J. Wassink
• Stephen C. Waterbury
• Steven D. Weyhing
• George L. Whitfield
• Deborah J. Williamson
• Bruce C. Young
• Lisa B. Zimmer

Cruse was elected as a Best Lawyer before he died earlier this month after a long battle against pancreatic cancer. This was his fourth year to be recognized with this honor.

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