The Vision of the Southfield City Centre is to “Create and maintain a vibrant 24/7 pedestrian friendly mixed-use environment.”

The Southfield City Centre is a vibrant and friendly place to live, work and play. Its evolution is designed around people and how they live their lives, with restaurants, shops, offices, apartments, public spaces, cultural institutions and recreational activities all within convenient and comfortable walking distance. The reinvention of the district into a walkable, pedestrian-friendly environment allows office workers, residents, students and visitors in the community to spend their days in an environment designed around their interests and lifestyles.

The first phase of implementation focuses on public infrastructure improvements and pedestrian amenities including new pathways, decorative crosswalks, bus shelters, benches, trash receptacles and bike racks.

The area’s market demand, employment base and adjacent civic center, combined with a 10-minute walk radius, creates a unique opportunity to develop a lifestyle center with a broad appeal to many leading retailers and restaurants.

Approximately 13,000 office workers are located in the City Centre District and 2,000-2,400 people visit the Southfield Library on a daily basis. The district has a primary trade area population of nearly 500,000 persons. Southfield enjoys easy access from most of the surrounding Oakland and Wayne Counties. Oakland County, one of the wealthiest in the U.S., has average household incomes of $69,000 (2010 Census) in the primary trade area, The area’s per capita income ($27,000) is slightly greater than the state and national levels. The primary trade area has a labor base of 187,000 employees, with 65 percent holding white-collar positions. For more detailed information, view the Southfield City Centre Retail Market Analysis.