Evergreen Atrium Gets Makeover

Evergreen Atrium Gets Makeover

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Tenants and visitors of Evergreen Atrium are excited by the reinvention of the iconic five-story lobby that gives the building its name. Etkin as Real Estate Solutions recently added a multitude of wonderful features in the space.

The lobby is now home to custom seating, elevators with stone accents, cherry trim and a water fountain. Plants and interior landscaping have also been placed in the space. Additionally, color has been added as well as modern light fixtures, chairs and artwork.

The ceiling of the atrium was treated and now displays clouds that suspend from the ceiling itself. evergreen atrium 2

The results have been incredibly positive. Tenants and visitors are enjoying the homier space and are utilizing all the new features.

Etkin’s team enjoyed updating the atrium and tying the new modern touches to the existing features and woodwork.

“We wanted to set ourselves apart in the market as the newest and freshest building in the area,” Etkin Vice President Josh Suardini said. “We wanted to renovate the Evergreen Atrium in a way that provided current updates that we’ve seen in the marketplace, particularly with color and accents that are non-traditional.”

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