RPT Realty Finds a Perfect Michigan Home In Southfield City Centre

RPT Realty Finds a Perfect Michigan Home In Southfield City Centre

RPT Realty Finds a Perfect Michigan Home In Southfield City Centre southfieldcc_3ik8d2

A freshly-designed collaborative workspace in the heart of the Southfield City Centre has become the new Michigan footprint for RPT Realty, a New York-based organization that owns and operates open-air shopping destinations in metro Detroit and across the country. In August, RPT Realty moved its 60-person Michigan workforce into a newly-designed 11,000-square foot office space in Oakland Commons at 20750 Civic Center Drive in the Southfield City Centre.

The move offers RPT Realty the opportunity to create a more environmentally-friendly office space in a well-supported, amenity-rich urban community.

“Offering a modernized landscape highlighted by an open floor plan, fresh local artwork and natural light, RPT’s new centrally located office in Southfield fosters collaboration and teamwork, both of which are vital in continuing the company’s mission of building on the incredible culture that has evolved over the past year,” says Brian Harper, president and chief executive officer of RPT Realty. “Keeping consistent with RPT’s commitment to good corporate citizenship, the Southfield office’s footprint is 15,300 square feet smaller than the former Farmington Hills location, reducing both cost and environmental impact.”

The Southfield City Centre location capitalizes on plentiful natural light in an open, collaborative design that translates to workplace wellbeing for its associates.

“We universally agree that the large windows and abundant natural light in our new space are an extraordinary benefit,” says Renay Rath, asset management administrative assistant with RPT Realty.

“I cannot express how fantastic it is having exposure to natural light while working,” says Tanya Maglothin, accounts receivable specialist. “I cannot express how thankful I am for this change. It has brought more positivity and energy into my days.”

When RPT Realty associates aren’t soaking up the natural light in their new workplace, they’re gradually getting to know the Southfield City Centre’s many amenities. “There’s so much to do right here in the Southfield City Centre, both within walking distance, via bikeshare, and within a short drive that I haven’t even made it through half of what the area has to offer,” says Heather Roberts, lease transaction coordinator. “I truly appreciate the feeling of community, and I think others moving to the area, whether office or residence, will experience a similar sense of community. We’re not just working in Southfield; we get to be part of something positive and impactful.”

Leveraging and Celebrating Michigan Talent

For its unique workspace, RPT Realty blended elements that inspire and recognize local talent, says Harper. “We tapped several Michigan partners to assist in carrying out our mission to curate a space that would inspire our employees while enabling them to contribute their full talents and thrive,” Harper says. “Every aspect of the Southfield office was designed with intention.”

This commitment aligns with the Southfield City Centre’s mission to recognize art in various formats. One example is an original work called “Big Blue Two” which hangs proudly in RPT’s conference room.

“The piece was commissioned through Friendship Circle’s Soul Studio Program, which empowers special needs artists to create works of art and makes them available for sale in its Bloomfield Hills community,” Harper says. “Big Blue Two” was painted by a 26-year-old woman with autism. “The piece is particularly meaningful to the team, provided our organization volunteers with Friendship Circle.”

Other Michigan companies and artisans involved in the office design and development include Interior Environments Furniture, Capricorn Diversified Systems, Inc., 123Net, LogicalisUS, PLAYGROUND DETROIT, Kaiser Sudan, Scott Reeder, and Matt Wolcott.

Expressing an Evolved Corporate Culture

In tandem with a new workplace came a corporate “change in narrative” that touches many aspects of the business, according to Rath. “The move to Southfield is significant in that it represents more than just a change in our physical location but a major shift in our corporate culture as well,” Rath says. “It finally feels as though all the pieces fit together.”

Their new office environment helps associates live the company’s core values on a daily basis, says Roberts. “There are many thoughtful collaborative spaces throughout the office, allowing us to be bold in our creativity while pursuing excellence together,” she says. “We’re committed to improving ourselves, both personally and professionally, individually and collectively, and this new space provides us with the tools and the environment to be successful in such pursuits. All of these things lead to us enjoying what we do.”

Deanna Cain, head of human resources, agrees with her colleagues’ assessments, and she’s excited about the future here in Southfield.

“The RPT Southfield office will continue to have a positive culture where people can thrive. It is a place where ideas are cultivated, and creativity and teamwork are encouraged.”