SCC Trail

Enjoy the Southfield City Centre Trail System. Born from a shared desire to roam, yet still feel close to home, the Southfield City Centre Trail System is a tiny getaway tucked into a friendly urban ecosystem. With 7.75 miles of shared path, the trail is accessible on two wheels (or two legs), with room for companions, too!

Along this trail, you’ll encounter art, natural beauty, culture, history, and even some opportunities to shop, eat, drink, and play. Here, you’ll experience fresh air, safe, thoughtfully designed trails lined with benches, art installations, wayfinding signs, bikeshare stations, and more. The trail is beautifully maintained, and enjoyable during every season.

A cornerstone of Sustainable Southfield, the city’s 2016 comprehensive Master Plan, the trail system was approved and endorsed by Southfield residents and businesses who put space for heart-healthy outdoor activity at the top of the list of amenities that bring quality of life to their community. It’s a welcome departure from the car-centric land use patterns that dominated Southfield for 60 years.

Surprise yourself on the Southfield City Centre Trail System! It’s all here, waiting for you.

We’ve teamed up with Pocket Sights to create a Southfield Walking Tour! Download the app to enjoy 3.6 miles of sightseeing in the City Centre, with 25 informational stops along the way.