Southfield-Based Marelli Shines at CES 2024

Southfield-Based Marelli Shines at CES 2024

Southfield-Based Marelli Shines at CES 2024 1200 800 sccadmin

When German automaker BMW requested a distinctive rear taillight for an upcoming model, Marelli — a leading mobility technology supplier to the automotive sector — rose to the occasion. As a bonus, the company received global recognition for the innovative lighting technology used in the creation.

With its Customer Experience Center located in Southfield, Michigan, Marelli was named a Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2024 Innovation Award Honoree for its LASER & Optical Fiber Rear Lamp technology.

According to Michele Antonipieri, chief engineer behind the innovative technology, Marelli is the first lighting manufacturer to develop and bring to market red LASER technology combined with rear lighting functionality to create a distinctive look.

“The uniqueness of this innovation compared to the use of classical solutions is the reduced thickness of the optical system, which allows for a thin illuminated flexible line that can be integrated inside the taillight,” says Antonipieri. “The LASER technology enables a speckle effect all along the fibers, creating a distinguishing three-dimensional appearance never before seen in a rear lamp.”

“It’s really amazing when you see it live,” says Yannick Bamberg, Marelli product manager of rear lighting. “It has the appearance of fluid floating through a very thin line.”

“Before we stepped into the game, there was no red LASER fiber used in automotive exterior lighting applications. This was developed from scratch,” says Antonipieri.

“There are a lot of OEMs who are highly interested in this technology,” he says, adding, “They’re looking for solutions to characterize their brand during the night, so you can immediately identify a particular car model. This technology allows the shape of the rear light to be modified by placing the fiber in a different way to create a signature look. It will give OEMs the flexibility to create equally unique and stylish brand signatures in the future.”

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