Southfield City Centre Bike Share is Back!

Sign up today and pay only $15 for an annual membership using code SFLD2022 or get up to 5 free rides using code FreeBikes! Discount codes expire in Spring 2023.
Sign up in 6 Easy Steps!

1. Download the Movatic App
2. Create an Account
3. Click Membership
4. Search: Southfield
5. Select a Membership
6. Start Riding Today!

Location 1

Marriot and Courtyard by Marriot
27033 Northwestern Hwy

Location 2

26700 Lasher Rd

Location 3

Lawrence Tech University Fieldhouse
21000 W. Ten Mile Rd

Location 4

Lawrence Tech University Quad
21000 W. Ten Mile Rd

Location 5

The Century
25800 Northwestern Hwy

Location 6

26261 Evergreen Rd

Location 7

Southfield Sports Complex
26000 Evergreen Rd

Location 8

Southfield South Pavilion
26000 Evergreen Rd

Location 9

City Centre ll
25200 Evergreen Rd