Southfield City Centre Restaurants Can Now Expand Outside – Personal Service Businesses Soon to Follow

Southfield City Centre Restaurants Can Now Expand Outside – Personal Service Businesses Soon to Follow

Southfield City Centre Restaurants Can Now Expand Outside – Personal Service Businesses Soon to Follow southfieldcc_3ik8d2

Planning ahead for the date when Governor Whitmer’s Executive Orders allow for restaurant barbers, hairstylists, nail salons to once again serve customers, the Southfield City Council passed a resolution that will allow these businesses to expand their services outside.

To streamline the process for businesses, the Southfield Planning and Building Departments are expediting approvals and reducing fees.

“The City of Southfield continually strives to assist local and international businesses by cutting red tape and rolling out the red carpet,” says Terry Croad, Director of Planning for Southfield. “During this difficult time, we are making every effort to support both our businesses and residents while doing so as safely and quickly as possible. This resolution provides residents with much needed services while also helping businesses to get back in operation as soon as is feasible.”

Southfield City Centre businesses that apply for Administrative Site Plan review and approval to expand their businesses outdoor must adhere to specific conditions that will permit social distancing and protect the health, safety and welfare of the public. Eligible businesses will already have an existing business operating on the same property and will comply with all existing state and county Department of Health regulations, as well as the Michigan Building Code. At the time of application, businesses must possess a valid Certificate of Occupancy from the Building Department.

For dining establishments, the provision will allow a 25 to 50% increase in table capacity to be located outside on a hard surface, such as a parking area. For personal services businesses, the provision allows for a 25 to 50% increase in chair or station capacity. The outdoor provision will allow businesses to maintain at minimum six feet between patrons at all times and should be adhered to unless otherwise specified by the State of Michigan. All businesses must comply with Governor Whitmer’s Executive Orders relating to social distancing, party size and occupancy requirements. In addition, operating hours must be consistent with current business operating hours, unless further restricted by state orders.

“The Southfield Chamber welcomes the expansion of the City Centre outside operations,” says Jason Blanks, executive director of the Southfield Area Chamber of Commerce. “During these difficult times, it’s uplifting to see the City of Southfield and City Council coming together to develop changes to local policies and legislation to help support our local businesses in the Southfield community. The COVID-19 pandemic has created many hardships for restaurant and small business owners, and this is a great step forward.”

Here are some additional COVID-19 safety requirements:

  • All tables, chairs and stations must be sanitized or disinfected between customer use.
  • Face coverings or masks must be worn by patrons, where feasible, and employees within outdoor dining.
  • Hand sanitation stations are encouraged and should be made available by the business operators in or near outdoor dining spaces and personal service stations, as feasible.
  • Outdoor seating must not occupy any portion of any city sidewalk or right-of-way.

For more information, please call the Southfield Planning Department at 248-796-4150 or visit